Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin

Our little cabins are nestled along the Pive River in Richland County and Wisconsin's Driftless Region. The Pine River snakes down through the valley past large rock outcroppins and picturesque farmland on its way to meet up with the Wisconsin River.

The Driftless(as it is commonly called) is a wonderland that preserves the ancient flora, fauna and topography that characterized the center of North America before the Ice Age began.

The Driftless Is very unique in that it was untouched by glacial ice that covered most of the Northeastern U.S. several times over the last 1 million years. As the glaciers melted the resulting streams and rivers carved valleys in the Cambrian Limestone hundreds of millions of years old.

The Driftless geography is characterized by its steep, rugged landscape, and by the largest concentration of cold water streams in the world.

If you are looking for a variety of streams to trout fish, Richland County has them. There are over 200 miles of meandering streams available to try your luck at. The three big streams in the county are Mill Crrek, Pine River and Willow Creek.

Trout Stream Map of Richland County

Location and geography maps of the Driftless.

A sampling of the Driftless

A few great spots in our area that showcase the Driftless are Wildcat Mountain State Park, Ash Creek Community Forest, The Kickapoo Valley Reserve and Pier Natural Bridge Park.

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